Published Books Inspired by My Private Investigations

When you are a New York City police officer, you become a social worker, chauffeur, human relations consultant, and tour guide. You are expected to do all those tasks while stopping crime as it happens, preventing crime, and keeping the peace in a city that never takes a break. Let’s not forget you get to do all this in a workday or tour, as we call it. These separate tasks come to you at random times, so going to work is like a roll of the dice. One moment you are driving with your partner, talking about nonsense, and 5 minutes later, you are coming face to face with dangerous people who just committed a dangerous act. The weight of these tasks can become overwhelming and mentally drain you if you allow it to happen. Many times, you do not have time to reflect on the day’s events; you just move on to the next crisis. Within days or a month, NYPD cops will get involved with and witness more toxic events than an average person will see in a lifetime. Active cops will need to navigate around and work with their coworkers, supervisors, the public, and criminals. What people believe cops are doing daily regarding police work is often far from the truth.

You will find within my short stories what is really occurring inside those moving police vehicles. Take a close, in-depth look at the investigation that occurs within the NYPD Detective Squad Room. The pen can influence like a hammer, and a phone call can arrive like a hurricane. If you want the gritty, alarming, and at times comical truth behind police work, you have arrived at your destination.