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Cops and Writers is a podcast hosted by retired police sergeant and author, Patrick O'Donnell. The podcast provides valuable insights and humor for crime writers who want to create accurate and believable police stories. O'Donnell conducts in-depth interviews with members of law enforcement and civilian experts, discussing police procedures and culture. He also interviews crime fiction writers and writers from different genres, discussing what works in the ever-changing landscape of book sales and publishing. The podcast offers candid stories told with cop humor and technical details about the world of law enforcement.

Missing is a true-crime podcast that tells stories of missing people, homicides, and injustices. Starting in 2015 with the disappearance of Maura Murray, Missing has covered the vanishings of Brianna Maitland, Brandon Lawson, Phoenix Coldon, Trenny Gibson, Daniel Robinson, Jessica Stacks, Erica Franolich, Cieha Taylor, Calvin Johnny Hunt, Abbie Flynn, Tabitha Queen, Raymond Green Alicia Markovich, Niqui McCown, Samantha Tapp, Archer Ray Johnson, Dale Williams, Morgan Bauer, Pepita Redhair and more mysteries in depth. Due to their close affiliation with the non-profit organization, Private Investigations For the Missing, the team features stories sourced from their case files when appropriate.

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You can also connect to John’s Podcast interviews below, where I talk about Private Investigations, the NYPD, Missing Person Cold Cases, and everything else in between.

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  • 3 PI Declassified, 06/09/2022
  • 4 Missing, 07/21/22, 10/16/22, 02/23/23